Terms and Conditions

For guests/visitors of Le Saulet


Le Saulet cannot be held liable for damage to or loss of personal belongings or injuries during the stay. By entering the camping you agree to these terms and conditions.

Nature reserve

Le Saulet is located in a nature reserve. As a camper, this gives you beautiful images of the terrain. Sometimes you can spot the animals that live nearby such as deer, foxes, birds and a variety of butterflies and more. Because we live in this area, we also want to take care of it. As caretakers of the terrain, we want to protect the flora and fauna and we like it when our guests do the same.


We are as conscious as possible with our landscape and the environment. We have crates for separating waste at the outdoor kitchen. We empty the crates frequently. You can also dispose of your garbage in various places in Vignols and St.Solve. You can also hand in a garbage bag with residual waste to us.

Chemical toilet

Le Saulet uses an ecological purification system (fosse septic). That is why you cannot and may not empty a chemical toilet with us. There is a special empty point for this in Objat near the Aire camping car.


The camping area is car-free. You can park at the places designated by us and/or across the street at the notary building. You can only enter the site by car on arrival and departure.


Payment for the camping spot, accommodation and electricity must be made in advance or at the latest upon arrival. We do not accept cheques, payment can be made in cash, via pin, tap/pay request or in advance via the internet.

If you unexpectedly want or have to leave earlier due to circumstances, we can repay you the remaining amount in consultation and in special cases. This is always minus 1 day. If you have travel insurance, you can always consult it first.


The camping is an clothing optional camping. This means that you can choose to stay naked or dressed. Each guest respects the choice of the other. Being naked has no association with sex for us. So acts in public that have a relationship with sex are not allowed. Taking pictures of guests is not allowed without the permission of the other. The campsite is for every adult, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Respect for each other is our top priority.


A pet can only be brought onto the site after consultation. Our site is a natural area and the guests at the campsite come here to relax. Busy, noisy and often barking dogs are therefore not welcome. In the event of nuisance and complaints, access to the terrain can be denied.


Le Saulet (minicamping)

Bart Kock and Peter Schreuder
2 Route des Saulets
19130 Vignols