About us

We are Peter and Bart, the new owners of the mini-camping Le Saulet. We met in 2017 and we got married in November 2019.

We have both liked going naturist camping in the summer holidays for years and in winters we liked to visit naturist resorts and/or clothing-optional resorts on the Canary Islands.

A few years ago we discussed our wish and dreams to start a campsite in our beloved France. A dream that we had separately and now want to realize together.

About Bart

I’m Bart from the great year 1976. Just calculate how many springs young I am.
In my working life I have often stood in shops, such as supermarkets and I have been an employee at a greengrocer’s. After some short jobs, I started in 2000 as a service consultant in the automotive industry. A nice profession where I had a lot of contact with the customers at the reception. Contact with the customers was the best part of my job. The technique is fun, but sometimes it also presents you with nasty surprises.
Over 10 years ago I was told during a holiday that the campsite where we were was for sale. Even then I already had the idea, I would like that. But due to circumstances that was not possible at the time.
Until a few years ago Peter came home with the idea of ​​starting a campsite. I was immediately convinced and so we went looking for our dream place and we found it in the Le Saulet in beautiful Vignols.

About Peter

I’m Peter Born in the north of the Netherlands in Hoogezand-Sappemeer. Raised there in a family with 4 children.
In 1984 I moved to the west of the Netherlands and started as a teacher in secondary education in Amsterdam. After more than 6 years I switched to primary education. In primary education I have worked as a teacher, as a director of various schools and as a director of various organizations.
When asked what else do you want than just working in education, the answer came to run a campsite in France. Because Bart also has this dream, we quickly agreed. This must be it. And now the time has come. A private campsite in the French country. A wonderful challenge to make something very beautiful out of it.